5 Most Likely Scenarios After UFC 264

What could happen after UFC 264?

Written by Sarvesh Pathak

UFC 264 main event
Photo by Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández on Unsplash

Conor gets a shot at the title

UFC might offer Conor McGregor a title fight if he knocks out Dustin Glenn Poirier on July 10th. Conor is a PPV superstar and he’s proven that every time he fights. The trilogy fight could be the biggest PPV fight of the year. Beating Dustin who sits at No.1, the top of the lightweight division, will put him in a great spot in terms of ranking. A title fight against Oliveira might even be bigger than the trilogy fight in terms of PPV.

Dustin vs Oliveira for the title

There is no argument whatsoever of what’ll happen if Dustin Poirier gets the win over Conor McGregor. He is, for sure, next in line. He passed on the opportunity to fight for the title earlier to fight the Notorious instead.

Conor McGregor calls it quits

An amazing ride for the former double champion could very well come to an end if he gets beaten on the July 10th. Conor might have to fight and win at least twice against tough opponents to have another crack at the Lighweight title which might take another year. He already sits at No.5 in the rankings. It’ll make it harder for the UFC to decide what’s next for him. He’s already the richest athlete of 2021 according to Forbes and is a father to another child. He might pull the plug after this loss.

The Nate Diaz Trilogy

If Conor is still hungry to compete and try harder after the defeat, he might consider the option to fight Nate to decide another trilogy fight. This would really play out well if Leon Edwards beats Nate on June 14th. On the social media when asked about his welterweight ambitions, Conor McGregor said he would like to compete in that division, we don’t know how serious he is about that. He also had some back and forth with the current champion, Kamaru Usman.

The Chandler-Poirer-Gaethje Triangle

If Conor wins, Dustin Poirer could face Michael Chandler as both would be coming off a loss. Would be interesting to see what happens with Justin Gaethje as he is also in the mix. When asked about Justin against Chandler, Dana White said it can be a possibility. Justin last fought Khabib and suffered a loss in 2020. He might as well face Dustin Poirer again and Michael Chandler might face someone like Benial Dariush. It’s hard to tell which fight makes the most sense. One thing’s for sure, there’s a lot of exciting fights to come in the lightweight division.